Friday, May 25, 2007

ISMRM Berlin, Germany

The ISMRM materials all featured this picture of the Brandenberger gate. It was all lit up at night and very nice to see.
This is me in front of the ICC (the conference center where the meeting was held. I also really enjoyed seeing remnants of the Berlin Wall, Charlie's Checkpoint, and especially the Holocost Memorial. Rachael and I are standing near the Berlin Wall - we went there the very day we arrived in the city. It was fun to sight see despite the jet lag. I think I might have fallen asleep at dinner . . . at least dozed off since the others asked me a question and I never heard them!

The Holocost Memorial was really impressive both in daylight and at night when it was lit up. I am glad that this city in Germany has chosen to remember the atrocity that was done to the 6 million Jews during WW2.

Charlie's Checkpoint was the one gate between East and West Berlin. There was a Russian Soldier that guarded the Eastern side and an American Soldier that guarded the Western side. The museum nearby showed the many ways that people tried to escape the communist side.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Katie's Dance Class

My niece had a dance recital while I was out of town so I ended up going to her last class. It was so cute to see them practice.
Her class did a tap dance to "I've been working on the Railroad" and she was so excited that her brother David would like it since his favorite thing is trains.