Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Car Dilemma

This post has been in my draft folder since July 24th! I am procrastinating on writing a blog about the car I am procrastinating to buy - seriously that is just ridiculous.

My current car is a 1999 VW Passat and that is honestly the only car I have EVER owned. So this whole car buying thing is quite overwhelming. I am not even sure I NEED a new car since I drive less than 10,000 miles per year. I really don't like driving all that much but if I have to drive I like the car to stick firm to the road . . .

I discovered that when I test drove the Toyota Camry. The car was nice but I HATED the suspension that wags around corners! Even the SE (sport suspension) was not good. And since I can't even buy a manual its off the list.

Honda Accord - I am a slacker I haven't gotten around to test driving this.
Subaru Impreza. I promised my cousin Colleen (who sold her VW Passat to get this) that I would test drive it. And I suppose I will - at least it doesn't have the hole in the hood like the Legacy - I am not sure I could stand that.

I have LOVED my car for the past 9 years so to be fair I need to test drive the new Passat. Who knows maybe I'll be boring and get the same car! But probably not t
I test drove the 2008 Audi A4 and it was nice. The salesman was trying to prove that the awesome 4 wheel drive and all that stuff was worth so much more money . . . blah blah. But it appears they are all sold out and the 2009 will jump in price by $10,000 - that is steep.

The MINI! It is a fun car to drive! But alas I think I would get sick of only being able to buy 1 bag of groceries per trip.

So far my favorite is the Acura TSX. It is a great size and fun to drive. The problem is that I can't find any used ones for any less than $2000 off the sticker price of BRAND NEW one. How is that possible????
Help - what should I do??

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Visit to the United Arab Emirates

Well I am still here but I figured while Amy was making dinner and Brad was playing with Ally I would just go ahead and start this update from the United Arab EmiratesWe found some Crocks that fit Kaitlyn . . . but she only needs one.Here is the adorable Kellogg family in Dubai. Brad is holding Kaitlyn (nicknamed KK by her sister - hmmm she takes after her mother Amy KK!) and Amy is holding Aleksa (called Ally most of the time)This might just be my favorite picture of the trip so far. Ally is a really good eater and pasta is her favorite food. I almost could not eat my own lunch because she was just so cute eating this! (Mitch this is at Madinat Jumeira where you and Jeremiah stayed).This is me skiing - so crazy that there is such a thing as indoor skiing - I was laughing pretty hard when I saw the exit sign at the top of the slope.I was painting with Ally and told her to go wash out her things in the sink. At first I couldn't find her but then realized she has her own special "sink" in UAE.This is me in front of the Emerates Palace (a 7 star hotel) in Abu Dhabi. Amy thought she lost me and I thought she was ignoring me but really it was just a delay in text messaging - phew I am safe.Me and Amy in front of the building where she and Brad lived in Abu Dhabi.Kaitlyn is SOOO CUTE. I love holding her and stealing her from her parents but then I feel bad that I am hogging her - but I can't help it.Ally and I were playing in this indoor Chucky-Cheese-type thing in one of the many malls (seriously there are more malls here than anywhere else in the world).This is me in Bastika - a Cultural Understanding area of Dubai that has been re-created to help visitors learn about the area. It was fun to wander around.Brad and KaitlynAlly and I had popcorn/movie night (while Brad and Amy went to youth group at church).A trip to Oman! This was very fun today. Here is Amy and Kaitlyn.Brad and Ally swimming - the water was cold but felt great.Me climbing through rock.Another cute Kellogg family picture.Ally putting Brad down for a nap . . . some things never change.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ally's train track

Ally and I like to play with blocks and train tracks!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My massage controls

I am so excited I got upgraded to business class for my international flight! These are the controls for my massage chair!
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