Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brown Shoes

I just don't like shopping for shoes. In fact I hate it when my very-out-of-style shoes wear out and I have to buy new ones. So after re-soling my old brown shoes twice I figured that it was time to buy new ones. A few of my friends and I went shopping and I found a pair. I got them but was hesitant about them so the box sat in my bedroom untouched . . .
. . . then Katie came over. My niece is a shoe lover and at 5 probably has better taste in shoes than me. So she sees the shoe box and proceeds to open it. The next thing I hear is a gasping sigh and then "OH AUNT SARAH THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!" She puts them on and goes to my full length mirror where she admires herself in them.

She is all excited and I can just see the gears turning in her head as she gleams from ear to ear. She then says "Aunt Sarah, could you save these for my 8th birthday." At which point I am laughing in histarics and trying to figure out if she said 8 because she thinks she'll be old enough to wear heels by then or if she figures 3 years is such a long time to wait that surely that is a considerable sacrifice.

So THEN . . . a little while later everyone was at my parents house for Passover and I had to head to the train station right from there. I had on nice jeans and the black heels that go with my black suit that I was planning to wear the next day for work in Chicago. Katie comes up to me with her eyes on my shoes and tells me. "Aunt Sarah, your brown shoes would look better with that outfit than those black ones."

Honestly, I am now taking fashion advice from a 5 year old!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lost Underwear

On Saturday I was on my way to Chicago and was very much enjoying our warm spring weather (it was 68!!!) My sun roof was open and the sunshine was warm on my hair. I sort of heard this odd sound but thought to myself . . . well that is just the wind and I am LOVING it!

But then at a red light I heard more of a grinding sound. Oh boy, this can't be good.

Then I see some passenger in a truck looking down at my front wheel. I thought OH NO I can't have a flat tire! It now had become a grinding sound and I could just imagine sparks flying and my engine falling out of my car (yes I am hypochondriac when it comes to cars). Grinding is never a good thing when it comes to cars.

I pulled over, thankfully at a gas station and proceeded to check all my tires. All of them were fine.

As I looked in the wheel well I saw that something wasn't quite right. It was pulled a littled forward. So then I looked father UNDER my car and saw that something was hanging down. I got someone to help me and he actually laid down on the pavement and said that the bottom engine covering not only came detatched but was also torn in two.

Yes so here it is! My car lost its underwear. It's getting a new one put on today - phew. I wouldn't want it to be too breezy under there.
Okay, Happy Monday.