Thursday, January 31, 2008

Green Lipped Muscles

I am in LA and I am colder than when I am I WI despite the fact that they closed schools the other day due to the cold (it was -4 degrees with a wind chill of -35 or something crazy.). Anyway the air conditioning at this meeting is just insane. But that isn't the only thing insane. My crazy seafood risotto had "green lipped muscles" - I didn't know muscles had lips! It was very tasty but I am convinced it was the asparagus and spinach. Would any of you have guessed that I liked asparagus?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wisconsin Winter - Brrrrr

We are not experiencing anything close to a heat wave in WI. This weekend in was below zero Ferenheit! (I am starting to get used to all my European co-workers saying below zero and assuming Celcius . . . which is actually 31 F - MUCH different!) Oh and this morning we have 6 inches of fresh snow. It is pretty I will admit that and I am thankful that my condo gets plowed and I don't have to shovel. But I realized that I don't even own a shovel.

Yes here is a picture of my dashboard and notice temperature. That IS indeed a negative sign!

My garage windows actually look really pretty with all the crystalized ice and then the sun shining through. That is the nice thing about WI winters - at least it is sunny.

I didn't even stay home to hibernate! It was my friend Kim's birthday and her husband pulled off a successful surprise party for her.
I hope you all are staying warm!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

God is good at Physics and Fashion

My friend Roxanne and I were talking the other day. She was sharing her woes of writing her thesis for her masters in engineering and I was sharing my woes of not finding Tall Pants. And she assured me that "God is good at Physics and Fashion"

Well, if you read my earlier blog about the clothing exchange you will be happy to know that I have acquired the difficult Tall Pants. And you all know that I LOVE Physicis. I am kind of a science nerd and may sort of have a bias but this book was SOOOO GOOD! It is not historical fiction even. I have ventured into the territory of reading a Biography. But it reads just like a novel. Your library should have it - you should go get it and read it!
So seriously, I am sure you know that Galileo was put on trial because he held the view that the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way around. Well, there is a verse in Joshua where it says that the Sun stood still. I really do appreciate the desire to hold the Bible as the standard above observable science and of course the Bible isn't trying to teach science. But God knows everything and is never wrong. Galileo also discovered that there are "sun spots" and we now know that the Sun rotates and that the spots are actually magnetic fields on the Sun. So as the Sun rotates the changing magnetic field draws the Earth around itself. If the Earth would stop going around the Sun then the magnetic field would have made the day SHORTER for Joshua and his fighting army. But if the Sun stopped rotating then the earth would rotate slower and the day would be longer - allowing Joshua's army to win the battle. Isn't that SOOO COOL!

I just think that is so exciting when we discover that God really knows what He's talking about in the Bible even if we humans think science is more accurate. Okay, enough of my nerdy physics for everyone. Just read the book. It is more about Galileo's life than science so don't be scared off by my crazy explanation.

Any by all means if you see any Tall Pants - please let me know!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Go Packers!

Seriously, I DO root for the Packers. Even if I am not crazy enough to sit in a stadium in the FREEZING cold. But I do watch the whole game. Well I guess I am stretching it to say I watch the whole game. I watch the highlights - which in my book is the whole game when it comes to football. I mean who needs to watch a bunch of people stand around when you can see a fully condensed version including all the best action from the best angles (or all angles). It sure saves a lot of time too.

But seriously it is exciting for Wisconsin and everyone is happy that we play the Giants in Green Bay instead of the Cowboys in Dallas. So root for the Packers!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Clothing Swap

I somehow have gotten to a point where I am trying to get rid of all my clothes. I suppose I still have some from quite a long time ago and I am so ready for summer clothes- is winter almost over! So I've been purging my closet and brought a bunch to a consignment shop. Two of my friends asked me if I wanted to go shopping on Saturday and I turned them both down. However, my friend Tara invited me to a clothing swap. 13 of us got together and everyone brought a bunch of clothes they wanted to get rid of. We went through them as a group and litterally swapped clothes. It was a nice way to get rid of stuff and "shop" without spending money. I highly recommend it to all of you out there!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hard Boiled Eggs

While most of my friends are posting fancy caserole recipe ideas to their blogs I am somehow stuck in a cooking rut where I can't even manage to make hard boiled eggs! Yes ladies this is what my crazy life has come to. Actually it all started at 3:45am this past Wednesday when I woke up for my 1 day trip to Tulsa, OK. Try flying from Milwaukee to Tulsa - there are no simple ways to do that! But alas it was a great customer visit and I even made it home by 1am and got to sleep in my own bed - WOHOOO. I didn't think it at all unreasonable to go in to the office late morning the next day. And although my new manager is typically quite reasonable about these things she has gotten really wacky over the upcoming Sales Meeting. She was sending me emails saying "COME SEE ME AS SOON AS YOU GET IN" at 9am when I had informed her at 1am that I had just completed a 21 hour work day and was sleeping in. Well after rushing in to the office still half asleep I find that there was nothing urgent or pressing - Grrrr. She just thought it would be a good idea for me to prepare a second presentation for the Sales Meeting. And despite the fact that I will not actually be presenting that information she thought it was still a good idea. So I stayed at the office until nearly 8pm trying to finish up. I skipped dinner and went to bed instead. The next morning after going to the gym I realize that it is VERY important for me to eat - skipping meals is not a good way to keep your brain working. So I scrub some sweet potatoes to put in my crock pot (yes just plain potatoes!) and then was in the middle of making hard boiled eggs to put on my salad for lunch when I get a phone call. YOU'RE LATE! I had completely forgotten about a meeting that morning and was late - my half cooked eggs & boiling water together with the hot pan went into the fridge. I had no lunch to bring to work and had not eaten breakfast yet. You can imagine what a wreck I was in when I got to the office. Ahhhh. And our Sales Meeting isn't even for another 2 weeks!

My other recent kitchen catastrophe actually turned into some kind of science experiment. I would joke about finding the cure for some disease but I got too freaked seeing the movie "I am Legend". Some co-workers made me go and I was absolutely terrified. These were supposed to be apricot bars and I apparently forgot that I even made them because they were tucked away in my pantry for who knows how long. I absolutely panicked when I found them. If anyone wants the recipe just let me know.

Honestly, usually I am pretty good in the kitchen - I am not sure what happened. I need to go to cooking therapy I think.